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4-H Youth Development


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4-H is a community of young people across Kansas engaged in learning leadership, citizenship, and life 4-H>4-Hskills. Caring adults that support our programs are essential for youth to achieve their potential based on the guidance, respect, skills, knowledge and wisdom adults can share.

4-H is a nationwide program. Each of the four H's of the clover represent ways youth can grow and develop.

Head, critical thinking, problem solving;
Heart, self-discipline, integrity, communication;
Hands, serving others; and
Health, choosing healthy lifestyles.

In 4-H, youth have fun with a purpose!

View the K-State Research and Extension 4-H and Youth homepage.


With over 30 projects, there's no doubt your kids will find something they're interested in.

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What is 4-H?

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What is 4-H?

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