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Thomas County

4-H Clubs and Contacts

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Abilene Hustlers 4-H Club
Community Leaders:
Shannon Fikan (785) 460-2199
Lori Denny (785) 462-0550
Meetings: 1st Monday of the month
October, Jan.-June meetings @ 7PM
Nov.-Dec. meetings @ 6PM
4-H Building in Colby

Brewster Prairie Gem 4-H Club
Community Leaders:
Jana Hutton (785) 694-8019
Shelby Palmgren (785) 422-8796
Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month
Sept. - May meetings @ 7:30PM
June - Aug. meetings @ 8PM
Henry Hall in Brewster

Colby Comets 4-H Club
Community Leaders:
Angela Zimmerman (785) 460-1818
Meetings: 3rd Monday of the month @ 6:30PM
4-H Building in Colby

Gem 4-H Club
Community Leaders:
Jared Haggard (785) 462-0260
Lynette Koon (785) 462-0180
Meetings: 2nd Monday of the month @ 7:30PM
Gem Community Building

Solomon Valley 4-H Club
Community Leaders:
Corky Bellamy (785) 443-2676
Johnna Frantz (785) 443-4035
Alternating every other month
2nd Sunday of the month @ 5PM  OR
2nd Monday of the month @ 7PM
4-H Building in Colby
**Check with club leaders, monthly Newsletter or call the Extension office to confirm dates/times

Project Leaders

Dog Project

Angie Harris

Entomology Project

Lynette Koon

Shooting Sports

Ashleigh Hill



Sheryl Carson                  Madison Mackley
County Agents
scarson@ksu.edu            mmackley@ksu.edu