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Thomas County

Record Keeping


4-H Participation Form


Abilene Hustlers
Brewster Prairie Gem
Colby Comets
Gem 4-H
Solomon Valley

Officer Books

Vice President
Treasurer's Record Book
Secretary's Record Book
Reporter's Notebook
Parliamentary Procedure

Club Days

Project Talks
Illustrated Talks
Demonstrations / Illustrated Talks Outline form
Public Speaking
Effective Presentation Tips
Preparing & Using Visual Aids

Kansas Award Portfolio

Kansas 4-H Award Portfolio (KAP)
Personal Page Form
Permanent Record Form

Member Award Applications

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4-H Membership Pin
4-H Bronze Pin
4-H Clover Pin
4-H Emerald Pin
4-H Silver Pin
4-H Silver Guard Pin
4-H Leadership Pin
4-H Gold Pin
4-H Gold Guard Pin

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