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Thomas County

Thomas County Events Calendar

Extension Events

4-H Events


21- K-State Garden Hour: Gardening in the Shade

22- Wallet Wisdom: Financial Checkup

29- Wallet Wisdom: Emotions & Money




24- Thomas County Livestock Expo

25- Thomas County Livestock Expo

26- 4-H Council

29- Small Animal Weigh-in      

** Dog Project practices are held every Tuesday



5- K-State Garden Hour: Herbs- From Seed to Seasoning

6- Wallet Wisdom: Spending Plans

13- Wallet Wisdom: Increasing Savings

19- K-State Garden Hour: Xeriscaping- Beautiful Landscapes with Less Water

20- Wallet Wisdom: Debt Management

22- Walk Kansas ends

27- Wallet Wisdom: All About Credit

31- Extension Office Closed- Memorial Day











1- Last day to add/drop projects on 4-H Online

1- State Fair Market Beef Nominations due

1- Shooting Sports Spring State Match

1- Shutterbugs Photography Event held at Botanica Gardens in Wichita, KS

3- Abilene Hustlers Club

6- Small Animal Weigh-in weather date

6- Horse Project practice

8- Kick Off Horse Show (Sponsored by CCC Equine Program)

8- Shutterbugs Photography Event held at Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City, KS

10- Brewster Prairie Gem Club

10- Gem 4-H Club

10- Solomon Valley Club

15- CCC Classic Spring Livestock Show

17- Colby Comets Club

24- 4-H Council

** Dog Project practices are held each Tuesday


2- K-State Garden Hour: Effective Irrigation

16- K-State Garden Hour: Native Plants to Support Native Bees














1-4- Discovery Days (virtual)

7- Abilene Hustlers Club

9-10- Camp Lakeside

9-12- Great Northwest Rock Springs Camp

12- Geology Field Trip: Western Kansas Smoky Hills

14- Brewster Prairie Gem Club

14- Gem 4-H Club

14- Solomon Valley Club

15- State Fair Nominations due for Commerical Heifer, Swine, Sheep and Meat Goats

19- Geology Field Trip: Southeast Kansas

21- Colby Comets Club

26- Geology Field Trip: Central Kansas

28- 4-H Council

**Dog Project practices are held every Tuesday


5- Extension Office Closed- Independence Day


8- NWKS District Horse Show in Norton, KS